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It is not uncommon to hear about companies and facilities who struggle with engagement, especially those working in a Home Dialysis Training Program. For many, home programs are often thought to be the sole responsibility of the home training nurse. However, in the NNI article, Strategies to Optimize Patient Retention in Home Hemodialysis, it showed the most successful home teams are those that engage the entire interdisciplinary staff and integrate Social Workers, Dietitians, and Patient Care Technicians into the Home Program as frequently as possible. Many of these teams have also moved to have dedicated Social Workers and Patient Care Technicians as part of the Home Program staff.

Each of these special disciplines, like Social Workers and Patient Care Technicians can focus on supporting patients and are able to perform many of the roles currently being fulfilled by the Home Training Nurse. This reallocation of staff helps keep the Training Nurses focused on training and patient clinical management, and allows other members of the team to help with things like home visits, education reinforcement, and equipment swaps.

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Not Sure Where to Start?

To help get your team engaged and energized about home therapies, consider expanding their exposure to the home program through some suggested activities.

Staff Meetings/Team Huddles/Open House
Meeting with the larger staff will allow you to share your knowledge about the therapy and share some important success stories.

  • Consider establishing formal interactions with center staff to discuss home therapies
  • Provide quick bits of information, brochures, or other educational materials to entice curiosity
  • Consider inviting MDs, facility staff, patients, fellows from local university, surgeons to stop by the home program to see the equipment on display and encourage a patient advocate to speak about home.
Resources to Help

Below are a series of webinars and resources that help explain the importance of team engagement and give you practical steps you can take now.

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