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Train Consistently and Well Detailed Results


When we think about patient success at home, it’s important to remember any interested and engaged patient should be given the opportunity to try. It is equally as important as trainers, we realize the more experienced a training team is, directly relates to the success of their home patients. However, it isn’t just the volume of training that is critical to patient success. In fact, the NNI Cover Story, Strategies to Optimize Patient Retention in Home Hemodialysis, uncovered a variety of training elements such as, expectation setting, training adaptability, and training flexibility as important practices for facilities who saw the most patient success.

Setting expectations for patients prior to training helps avoid frustrations during training. Proactively meeting with patients or giving them the opportunity to speak with other current home patients also helps them understand their responsibilities as a home patient.

In addition, training adaptability by using a variety of tools and techniques to accommodate every learner’s preference and pace helps ensure a successful experience. Creativity in training schedules by allowing evening or weekend hours also help ensure each patient is given an opportunity to train successfully.

Area of Focus 2


Help! I Want to Train but I’m Not Seeing Any Referrals!

If part of the problem is the source of referrals, remember to talk directly with your staff, especially your patient educators and your prescribing physicians to understand if there are any barriers preventing them from referring or prescribing. In some cases, they themselves may need additional education or the opportunity to speak with other referring physicians.

We recommend visiting for some important considerations and information around Home Hemodialysis and the benefits of more frequent therapy. The Resource Library is also a great place to start to introduce new information to hesitant or reluctant staff or prescribers. Make sure to also connect with your local Area Representative or Clinical Consultant who can help provide you with additional materials or resources.

Resources to Help

Below are a series of additional resources to help provide you with additional training materials, tips and tricks for working with different learning types, or NxStage led refresher courses you can take to keep on top of your own training and education.

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