We are excited to release version 3.0 of the Dosing Calculator in May 2019. In this new version, we focused on delivering new features designed to further support flexible therapy options, including:

New capabilities to further individualize the prescription to a patient’s needs

  • Ability to incorporate Residual Renal Function
  • Additional tools to devise more suitable therapy options
    • Set preferred dialysate flow rates for up to 12L/hr or up to 18L/hr
    • New filter tool to narrow down treatment options based on treatment frequency and dialysate volume
  • Capability to generate additional therapy options by desired treatment length

Ease of use enhancements

  • Ultrafiltration and dialysate flow rates are expressed in ml/kg/hr and ml/min, respectively
  • New settings page
    • Save repetitive input parameters
    • Capability to select dialysate source – PureFlow SL or Premixed bags
    • The display of Flow Fraction can be disabled in the results

A new user interface outlines the prescription methodology step by step to facilitate its understanding


COMM0649 Rev. B
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