This NxStage educational dinner event will feature an interactive panel discussion with experts in Transitional Dialysis Care.

Wednesday, October 17th
7:00 PM
Aloft Boston Seaport District
Mann Ballroom 2 & 3
401-403 D Street, Boston, MA
See important event details below.

Program Overview

Improving Dialysis Education & Outcomes with Transitional Dialysis Care

Moderated by Ms. Debbie Cote, Dialysis Program Administrator, University of Virginia, this program will feature an interactive panel discussion with experts in renal health administration, patient management, and Transitional Dialysis Care, and will address:

  • Innovative models to help stabilize and educate new and transitioning dialysis patients
  • The clinical, economic and operational impact of Transitional Dialysis Care
  • The growing body of evidence in support of these models, and best-practice resources available to support the implementation of a Transitional Dialysis Care Unit

Panel Members

Ms. Debbie Cote, MSN, RN, CNN, NE-BC – Panel moderator
Dialysis Program Administrator, University of Virginia Debbie Cote is not a paid speaker for NxStage Medical, Inc.
Jose Morfin, MD
Associate Professor, UC Davis School of Medicine Medical Director of Home Dialysis Services, Satellite Wellbound
Robert S. Lockridge, MD*
Transitional Dialysis Care Pioneer
Ms. Chelsea Roman*
Transitional Dialysis Care Patient and Patient Advocate for NxStage Medical

Important Event Details


7:00 PM Cocktails & Appetizers
7:30 PM: Dinner and Panel Discussion
8:30 PM: Q&A

*Panelist is a paid speaker of NxStage Medical, Inc.

Panelist is a paid speaker of NxStage Medical, Inc. and a member of the NxStage Scientific Advisory Board.

Space is limited to conference attendees only. To comply with certain federal, state, and local laws that require disclosure of meals and other transfers of value to health care professionals, NxStage Medical, Inc. will disclose your participation in the meal portion of this program. In addition, to comply with certain federal, state and local laws that prohibit or limit the provision of meals to health care professionals and/or state employees, NxStage does not offer a complimentary meal to individuals who are subject to such restrictions. Attendees to whom such restrictions apply should not avail themselves of the complimentary meal. Attendees will, however, have the opportunity to pay for the meal themselves at the event. If you are unsure of your state’s laws and regulations, we ask that you please check prior to this event.

Event Registration

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